American Energy Drink vs. Red Bull Cost Savings Comparison

• The following formulas and savings comparisons are calculated by using the current cost of $1.33/8.4 ounce can of Red Bull or $0.16/ounce. If the new price increase of a $1.20/case or $0.05/can is not absorbed by the Distributor, the new price/8.4 ounce can of Red Bull will increase to at least $1.38/can or ~ $0.17/ounce.

Current Red Bull On-Premise Case Sales/Month Cost of Red Bull Cost of American Rebel Yearly Savings
5 Cases (60/year) $160/month $81.67/month $939.96/year
10 Cases (120/year) $320/month $163.34/month $1879.92/year
15 Cases (180/year) $480/month $245.01/month $2819.88/year
20 Cases (240/year) $640/month $326.68/month $3759.84/year
25 Cases (300/year) $800/month $408.35/month $4699.8/year
30 Cases (360/year) $960/month $490.02/month $5639.76/year
35 Cases (420/year) $1129/month $571.69/month $6807.72/year
40 Cases (480/year) $1280/month $653.36/month $7519.68/year
Use our Savings Calculator below to see how you can begin saving some serious coin.

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